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Truly bespoke to Jeffreys Interiors this beautiful range of upholstery reinforces our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and heritage. Hourglass shaped coil springs are secured to a base of interwoven webbing, the springs for each chair or sofa are chosen based on their gauge and height, then strategically positioned and secured to the webbing for an ultimate ride. Next, the springs are tied together across the top utilizing strong synthetic twine and pulled flat to create a level platform. the end result is each coil spring having eight knots holding it in place - an almost forgotten craft to create luxurious deep seated comfort..

Dr. Vranjes

Dr. Vranjes

For over thirty years Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist from Florence has been creating exclusive candles and diffusers as a result of the perfect blend between innovative techniques and tradition. The result is not only sensational aromas for the home but ones that evoke our senses and recall personal memories - this is known as aromacology and we are huge fans.