Mike Puckering

Warehouse Manager

It’s quite surprising to find myself here as I actually have my College Qualifications from Telford College as a fully qualified Chef and did my Apprenticeship at The Caledonian Hotel - now the Waldorf Astoria .

During the early ‘90s I was given the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia in the hospitality recruitment business. Without realizing where the time had gone, I had been there for 8 years.  As it was becoming apparent that it was no longer safe to be in Saudi I decided to up sticks and moved to New Jersey (USA) where I spent two years before moving to The Philippines.

Finally I arrived back in Scotland in 2005. I could hardly recognise the city as there had been so many changes over the years I was away.

I have been involved in warehousing, dealing with logistics and maintaining the smooth running of stock systems, for over 9 years.

What is your Favorite food?

You can’t beat a good fish ‘n’ chips, although saying that Ribeye steak has also got to be a good winner.

What are your likes?

A good detective novel or a TV series like NCIS, or Death in Paradise.

What would you say was your favorite trip?

Best holiday has got to have been Cuba 2 years ago, but I do enjoy travelling. Hence being abroad for 12 years back in 1993 to 2005. 8 years in Saudi Arabia, 2 in the USA and 2 in the Philippines.



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