Gita Vitkute

Interior Designer


Originally from the small but beautiful country of Lithuania, I have been living in Edinburgh for the past 12 years and I love everything what comes with this city:  it’s people, architecture, greenery but admittedly not the weather!

My creative side developed from a very early age, although nobody in my family is creative. Art and creativity at school were my favorite lessons. When it came to choose what I should study, it was the easiest thing to do.  Nothing ticks off all the boxes for me but interior design.  In 1998 in Lithuania this was a very new specialty.  I didn’t think ahead to finding a job but wanted to do what I loved, and I did. Three years later I graduated in Construction and Production of Interior Elements.
I was obsessed with interiors design and addicted to a beautiful interior magazines, Veranda. I imagined myself creating those beautiful spaces – and now I do! 

I then came to London with the idea of staying for a year, discovering somewhere new and go back home, but it turned out quite differently as here I met my husband!  We moved to Edinburgh and working in retail I still harbored my dream of becoming an interior designer. One day we drove past Jeffreys Interiors, then on Lothian Road, and the store had the most impressive, eye catching window display! “I want to work there” I thought. A few months later my wish came true, and 10 years on I’m still loving every minute of it. 



What are your greatest influences?

Memories from my childhood – my room was the smallest in the house, but I had lots of fun rearranging my shelves, my ornaments, or moving my desk about! 

Also, I had a most amazing tutor of Professional Drawing at university, Ceslovas Banys a respected artist in Lithuania. He has been one of the most inspiring people in my life with an array of great ideas and fascinating stories.  I am most grateful to him for guiding and encouraging me and my class mates to keep going on the right path and to pursue what we love most. 

My other big passion is travelling and discovering new places. Some great ideas come from seeing different places.


What is the most challenging project you have worked on and why?

One of the most interesting projects I have been involved in was the building of a new extension along with the renovation of the old part of the same property. At the time it was new for me to work just from architect drawings and I helped the client visualize the future space.  I love being involved in space planning, selecting flooring, lighting, color schemes etc and share opinions on door design, balusters etc. This sort of project is challenging and satisfying at the same time.  Most of our clients are great and very enjoyable to work with.