Georgina Fraser

Interior Designer


My arrival in the world of interior design has not necessarily been the standard route, but for many years now I have been a self-confessed fabric fondler, with a serious passion for interiors. 

After studying events & business management at university, I put my skills to good use in the family soft furnishings business. This included hands on experience of the full process, from initial designs to measuring up and even hand making many pairs of interlined curtains! From here I went to hotels. Working in hospitality management provided insight into how people behave within a space, and my time as operations manager was invaluable training in organisation, logistics and project management. 

However, my interests have always firmly been in the world of art and design; throughout my time in Edinburgh I have explored my creative interests and pursue an active learning approach with additional courses in ceramics, wallpaper and textiles. I am especially interested in the materials, processes and craftsmanship behind the products, and find interior design the perfect way to curate these varied interests, and bring together my skills and expertise. 




What are your greatest influences?

Influences and inspiration are everywhere. I find a lot of ideas are sparked from other art and design fields, from new catwalk collections to wildlife photography. Travel and experiencing different cultures has also been a great source for me. The mix of bold colours and French style I saw in Vietnam were novel to me and I think my trip to Japan later this year will be a huge influence! 



What is the most challenging project you have worked on and why?

I worked on three show homes for Cala Homes this year. It was the biggest project I’ve worked on to date. Usually I work on residential projects, so you are designing to your client’s tastes. It was challenging to provide design solutions which had to appeal to a variety of target audiences. I am looking forward to many more challenges ahead. 

What is your favourite icon, image, or object?

There are millions to choose from, but at the moment I am loving this statement stairway - unfortunately I can’t find the person to credit it to.



Can’t go wrong with a coffee at London’s V&A museum!

Stairway design