What is this summer's biggest trend?

We've all been inspired by the recent sunny days and longing for it to last so we've been gathering together our top tips for summery interiors for the home and it seems that all the lifestyle magazines are onto us to already. Flip open your favourite interiors rags and see what we're talking about - quite literally in the case of Perthshire's newest publication LIVING Magazine, where I've taken over their Living Spaces feature to talk about the hottest trend out there this summer - The Jungle!

Textiles and colours have gone jungle crazy this season and we've been having a lot of fun in the studio delving into the colourful world of Central America mixing luxurious fabrics and wallpapers and intertwining them with jungle influences. The Parisian design houses are bringing some really fun designs to the table, livening up geometric and floral motifs with quirky jungle touches; who can resist a parrot perched playfully on your sofa?

We're seeing a lot of really colourful and vibrant fern, palm and botanical prints mixed with bright, bold colours, bringing a sense of joy and exotic to our interiors. It's an easy switch up this summer, bring some light, bright accessories into your home that will appeal to every member of the family or go mad and create that exotic bathroom haven with giant fern print wallpaper and cheeky animal additions.

If nothing else, be bold. Everyone is unique, so every home should be unique. Head over to our Houzz and Pinterest pages for some more inspiration.


Miriam Carr