John Sankey Visit

This week a few members of our team from both our Stockbridge and Dunkeld showrooms took a trip down to Long Eaton to visit the ‘World of John Sankey’. 

Upon arrival, we were taken into their showroom. This was a great opportunity to view their new collection of furniture which they had launched earlier in the year. The showroom is full of character, not only in their furniture, but in the way it is presented, in small room sets with unique props and decorative items. 

They are just as passionate about their fabrics as they are about their furniture, and travel the world for inspiration of colours, textures and patterns to add to each new collection. 

It was a very relaxed atmosphere as we enjoyed a cup of tea while trying out each sofa and chair. It wasn’t exactly a hard day’s work. 

Next, we were invited to the workshop where the magic happens. This gave us a great insight to how John Sankey work. We were given a step by step explanation of each process, from the initial drawings right through to the end product. It was fantastic to see each piece being handmade at different stages by skilled craftsmen. 

Crafted with comfort, style and individuality in mind, John Sankey pride themselves on making furniture to the highest quality. With some of their impressive traits being that each item is completely bespoke to the client as well as a structural life time guarantee.

A visit to either of our showrooms is a must, to see for yourself the high quality and stunning designs of each piece.