Inside Edinburgh Quirkiest Office Building

Completed earlier this year, this new office on Edinburgh’s Queen Street offers an unconventional take on traditional office interior. Alison Vance, our design director, was given the task of creating a quirky and vibrant workspace in an old Edinburgh building built in the 1800s. Nothing is more apparent than the successful combination of professional interior design and personal style. The design focused on creating an inspiring and exciting workspace while preserving existing visually striking elements. The strength of the design is illustrated by the variety of textures, use of colour and mixing of unexpected objects. Gun door handle. Bowler hat wall lights. Misleading toilet doors. These are just a few of the wacky features in this unique project. This design is definitely not for the faint hearted and is unquestionably cool.

Edinburgh Office Space Quirky Jeffreys Interiors

Interior photographer - ZAC and ZAC