The Art of Scented Decor

The world of essences and cosmetics are not normally one you’d associate with interiors, rather a treat for yourself and to brace yourself for the day ahead with your armoury! But our range of Dr Vranjes fragrances is the final touch to your room, the bold slick of lipstick or the sultry smoky eyeliner if you like. 

For over thirty years Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist and his team have been creating exclusive products as a result of the perfect blend between innovative techniques and traditions. The result is not only sensational aromas but ones that evoke our senses and recall personal memories - this is known as aromacology and we are huge fans.

We could eulogise about our Dr Vranjes range all day! The fragrances not only enhance your mood through their aromatherapy and aromacology properties but can be used to ‘decorate’ each room in your home with a different scent, creating different moods throughout the house to complement your interiors or simply provide a new ambience depending on the season.

The sophisticated design of the bottle is uniquely inspired by Florentine architecture and comes in striking 5 litre bottles as well as 500ml and 200ml bottles. Our teams in our showrooms in Edinburgh and Dunkeld can recommend the right fragrance for every room in your house, here are some examples:

Ginger Lime - It’s the end of the week and you might need a little pick me up…why not try putting a Dr Vranjes Ginger Lime fragrance in your hall to boost your mood when you get home after a long week, it’ll reduce anxiety and fatigue too and set you up for the weekend!

Boboli - If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Florence’s Boboli Gardens, south of the Arno, then you’ll long for the aroma of old rose and jasmine to transport you back to these iconic gardens. Our Dr Vranjes Giardino di Boboli does just that and is perfect for your living room or even in the bathroom.

Chinotto Pepe - Be it aromatherapy, aromacology or simply ambience, our range of Dr Vranges room fragrances are not only pleasing to the eye as they transform into elegant pieces of home decor but they explode with wondrous scents to enliven any room in the house. We’ve got Chinotto Pepe in our studios wafting scents of citrusy orange and pepper - it’s aromatherapy properties improves concentration!

West - For the more modern interior, we’d recommend a Dr Vranjes room fragrance in ‘West’ to create a relaxing mood. Come into the showroom to experience it’s bergamont, lemon blossom scent with notes of green tea and cotton flowers.