Sleep Well, Live Well

A place to rest your head has never been more important in this crazy busy world we live in. Never more than now do we need to look after ourselves and sleep is the most important thing we can do. But you don't need to sacrifice design and glamour in the bedroom when you consider your choice in bedding. Having an indulgent boudoir is just as important as having the right support and comfort.

From pillows to bedding we've scoured the continent for the finest products to complement your bedroom design and guarantee high quality for all you sleep lovers out there. Let's get the fundamentals right;

Do you sleep on your back? On your side? Or on your front maybe? The way you sleep is important when choosing a new pillow, which is why we have a luxurious range of pillows from the Fine Bedding Company going from medium-soft support to firm support. According to the Sleep Council, pillows should be replaced every two years, so it might be time for you to get a brand new, better-suited pillow! 

Come to our showroom in Dunkeld and have a look at our luxurious range of pillows from the Fine Bedding Company. From medium soft support to firm support, there is an ideal pillow for everyone.

There is nothing more wonderful than slipping into clean crisp sheets and with our range of Grand Designs bedding we have a fine selection of bed linens that will complement your bedroom interior. Tailor made in Portugal we can create bespoke sizes to suit all bed sizes or simply pick from our selection in the showrooms. Our Jeffreys own range is a classic white style made in the softest woven cotton - the same bedding in fact as some of the finest 5-star hotels in London.

We don't just provide products that are just luxurious, but products that are also tailored and dedicated to your well-being. Pop into to our showroom to find out more from the team and then recover and rejuvenate in style!