The Illuminati

Welcome to the Lighting Edit; a hand picked selection of our favourite lamps and chandeliers.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary
— Aaron Rose

The Understated Elegant

Exuding chic sophistication. Featuring glass, marble and antique brass.


The Skyscrapers

Scale up with the tallest of table lamps. Heights from a towering 90cm.

The Sculptural

Make an impression with organic textures and bold shapes. Perfect for adding drama and atmosphere.


The Taskmasters

Functional lighting can be beautiful too.

Featured lighting, fabric and wallpaper from; AERIN, Andrew Martin, Arte, Casadeco, De Le Cuona, Heathfield, Julian Chichester, Kate Spade, Ochre, Porta Romana, Suzanne Kasler, Vaughan, All available from Jeffreys Interiors, contact for details.