Christmas Launch Night

T’was a night in November all icy and cold,

The windows were frosty just like years of old.

But down in Stockbridge a warmth in the air,

People were smiling with joy, in our lair.

In Jeffreys interiors the baubles were glistening,

The people were chatting, the candles were flickering.

Many did come and many did gaze,

At our annual winter wonderland displays.

Drinking prosecco and chatting to friends,

Buying our peacocks, drummers and gems.

Thanking you for coming to see us down here,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We also welcome you today and tomorrow for 15% off all stock

Peering in from outside

Our elves working away!

There was also relaxing to be had...for Jeff at least

Just a few of our displays

Working hard or hardly working?