Murano Glass - Finding that unique piece

We frequently find ourselves sourcing some very unique pieces for clients who are looking for that something very different. A recent find was this beautiful Murano glass table.

In 1291 the Venetian Republic ordered all the glass manufacturing furnaces in the city to be moved from Venice to Murano as a safety measure against the danger of fire – in a city mostly built of wood. And so was born a name for quality, individuality, craft and beauty that transcends centuries. The Murano glass makers have led Europe in the developing and refining of techniques and this continues today.

In search of that unique piece for a client, we recently sourced some beautiful and very individual items for a grand drawing room. With their own patent, these stunning side tables and consoles reflect the splendor, elegance and myth of Venice. The original design characterizes furniture that combines experimentation, craft and tradition, typical of Murano glass.

"It's always a bit of an adventure sourcing rare and individual pieces" says interior designer Jo Aynsley, "and whatever clients have in mind we usually manage to find the item that suits."